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Jingo : (Discworld Novel 21) download pdf

Terry Pratchett,: Jingo : (Discworld Novel 21)

Jingo : (Discworld Novel 21)


'Neighbours...hah. People'd live for ages side by side, nodding at one another amicably on their way to work, and then some trivial thing would happen and someone would be having a garden fork removed from their ear.' And when the neighbours in question are the proud empires of Klatch and Ankh-Morpork, those are going to be some pretty large garden tools indeed. Of course, no-one would dream of starting a war without a perfectly good reason.such as a 'strategic' piece of old rock in the middle of nowhere. It is after all every citizen's right to bear arms to defend what they consider to be their own. Even if it isn't. And even if they don't have much in the way of actual weaponry. As two armies march, Commander Vimes of Ankh-Morpork City Watch faces unpleasant foes who are out to get him...and that's just the people on his side. The enemy might be even worse. Discworld goes to war, with armies of sardines, warriors, fishermen, squid and at least one very camp follower.

Written by the authors of the current syllabus, this book will help address all the requirements of the new course at both standard and higher level. It will actively engage students in language and literature, allowing them to become informed and critical learners through understanding and producing language of a wide range of works, from poetry to political speeches to simple advertisements or graffiti. The range of exciting literature offers a fresh look at unfamiliar texts so that students are able to confidently encounter works and topics and develop and communicate understanding. Through interesting activities and model works, students will learn about the most current approaches to critical language in areas such Jingo : (Discworld Novel 21) download ebook pdf as mass communications, language in cultural contexts and literature - in line with the new syllabus. Support is given for the assessment, including the oral commentary.

Author: Terry Pratchett,
Number of Pages: 464 pages
Published Date: 23 Jul 2013
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780552167598
Download Link: Click Here


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